Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Message from President William Schievella





These unprecedented times place the men and women in law enforcement on the front lines of this crisis. New Jersey’s “finest” are no stranger to danger and have always risen to the challenge.  This is a time for us all to come together and support each other.  We will get through this together if we work together.  We need to make sure we keep our families and colleagues safe by using the measures mandated from health authorities.  I invite retired law enforcement officers to come together and help support their brothers and sisters on the front lines as well as medical personnel.  Whether it’s logistics, assistance or just a homemade hot meal let’s use our talents and strength to help New Jersey get back on its feet! Lastly please take a moment to remember the thousands of victims in Italy who are suffering.  Our colleagues in Italian law enforcement are working under dire circumstances and need our thoughts and prayers.  Together we will get through this! 

Fraternally yours, 
William Schievella,