Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Belleville Knights of Columbus

Direction to Belleville Knights of Columbus Hall
94 Bridge Street
Belleville, NJ

From the Newark Airport take Rt. 21 north to exit 5 (Mill St.) stay right to “T” intersection (Mill St.) make left at light. Go up through the first light (Washington Ave.) up a few blocks on the right will be bridge St. Make right onto Bridge St. and go to stop sign. Bridge St. continues after stop sign,  but you have to make quick right and then left. K of C is on that block.

From Rt. 80 you can go two ways.
(1). 80 E to 46E to 3E to Parkway South to exit 149. This will put you on Belleville Ave. Stay on Belleville Ave, for a few miles until you see the Rocking Horse Saloon on the right.
This is Bridge St. You can see the K of C Hall behind The Saloon. Park in that lot since the Saloon is closed or go around the block and park in the hall lot or the church lot.

(2). 80 E to 280 E to Parkway North to Exit 150, this exit is right after the Essex toll plaza. At the bottom of ramp make a right. Go to next light (Joralernon St) and make another right. Take to next light (Franklin Ave.) and make another right and take the one light to Belleville Ave. and make a left and follow the above directions.