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Those of us who have blackberrys for personal use would like a way to back-up our contacts (phone list) & maybe a calendar somewhere where you can sit at any computer and edit or copy information down and have it sync up with your Blackberry.
has the answers.

  • First, sign up for a free GMAIL account. You can choose to either use the email or not. But the “contacts section” in the account is the important thing.  (The email has tons of storage so you don’t have to delete anything to make room for more)
  • Next, set up a Google Calendar too.  You can access this calendar from wherever you are.
  • Now, download Google Sync. It is an APP that will allow you to sync both your calendar and contacts.   (You may need to download App World on your blackberry)

You might be asking yourself, “Why do I need to sync this stuff?” It’s simple. What happens if your wife runs over your phone in the garage?  What about if you get pushed in a pool with your blackberry? It’s summer afterall. Also, It’s just easier to import or export contacts. Or even print a list to keep on file. The calendar,  well it’s just plain easier to use a desktop keyboard to enter your whole schedule instead of those tiny keys.  It’s also just plain cool!

Move down a screen
Press the Space key.
Move up a screen
Press the Shift key + the Space key.

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