Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

NJ Law Enforcement Calendar

All IAPSNJ events are listed on this calendar.  Items for other organizations may be listed with event name only.  If you need further information on those events contact that organization directly and tell them they should participate on this calendar and post this LE Calendar on their web site.

NOTE:  Any politically oriented items listed on this calendar are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as an endorsement by the Italian American Police Society of NJ.

Do you want to “subscribe” to this calendar,  Click this link  to add this into your own calendar.

If you have created a flyer in MSWord or other popular program and cannot convert to a PDF file please send the file to us and we will convert for you.  However, if we cannot read the file for any reason, other arrangements will be made. (Note. The new version of MS Word will generate a .DOCX, Please SAVE AS in the older .DOC format.  An alternative would be some sort of graphic file sich as a JPEG or GIF.  All requests for posting on the IAPSNJ Web Site will be fulfilled by posting on the NJ Law Enforcement Calendar (see below). To post on this calendar, or incorporate this calendar in your website, email the moderator at

We have changed to a Google Calendar.   To add an event to this calendar, go to the Contact Page above.  To add this calendar to your website copy the code below into a page on your web site.  You can adjust the width if you like.  To add your events,  contact and it will be posted quickly.

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