Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Cloud storage

Many people are unaware of the values and convenience of cloud storage.  Most don’t even understand the concept.

Firstly,  it is NOT in the clouds, per se, but on a computer somewhere and accessible anywhere from a multitude of devices.  There are free choices and pay choices.  I am listing 2 here that I like and use constantly.  Those of you in the Apple Universe have iCloud.  There are many articles and resources on the web describing the virtues of the iCloud.  Follow this link to read more.

These 2 other clouds described here are universal, that is to say equally useful on Apple or Android.  They are Dropbox & Google Drive.

Dropbox is a pay service, but gives you a starting amount of storage space for free.  With a little creativity, you can get a large amount completely for free.  There are a number of ways to get more free space.  Refer someone,  get more space,  like it on Facebook, get more space.  To take a tour of the features, click here.  One of the main useful features, is the backing up of photos from your android phone automatically. You can even set this up to Only upload on wifi so as not to incur data charges.  Sharing a folder full of photos of a party with your family, or corroboration on a work project or document with a co-worker makes this a great data solution.

Google Drive has very similar features, but takes advantage of more of the Google web services. For example, a Google Doc can be shared with other Google users.  You can set the access levels to view only, or edit.  This is a feature we at the IAPSNJ use when keeping track of event ticket sales.

Both Dropbox & Google Drive are “installed” onto your computer.  Once installed, it “tags” special folders which are then  mirrored in the Cloud.  Log into Dropbox,com on any computer and access any file you have saved into your “special” folder(s).  Same thing for Google Drive.  It also makes a Special folder on your computer for you to save files in,  then access them on any computer or your smartphone or tablet.

Bottom line:  If you want to be able to back-up or access all of your important stuff from anywhere, try one or both of these.  To sign-up for Dropbox, use this link.   To download the Google Drive, go to

If you have a laptop and desktop,  this is a perfect way to keep things in more than one place,  thus a quick back-up.