Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Denise D’Alessandro

Director Hudson County Department of Roads & Property.

Born and raised in downtown Jersey City, Denise D’Alessandro’s family has been a huge part of the downtown and Jersey City Community for more than 70 years. Her family has been an active members of Holy Rosary Catholic Church Parish (First Italian Church in the State of NJ) since her grandparents immigrated to Jersey City from Italy. Denise’s parents instilled in her the principles that family is first and foremost the most important thing and they have always strived to help the people in their neighborhood and anyone else who needed it. This along with a strong work ethic has been instilled in Denise since a very young age, which has brought her to public service. She has worked for Hudson County Government for 25 years, helping the residents of not only Jersey City, but all of Hudson County.
She worked her way up from the County Executive’s Office as a clerk and learned and xcelled at every position given to her in the Executive’s Office before moving on to help other divisions within the County. That training and experience led her to work with amazing people and being lucky enough to be mentored for more than 10 years by her former boss Harold E. Demellier, Jr. who taught her so much about County Government and County Politics which prepared her for the challenging position she currently holds today, Director of the Dept of Roads and Public Property. This department which is the largest Department in county government and plays a critical role in the daily operations of this highly populated urban area. Denise is the youngest Director and first woman Director to head this Department. Her drive and determination has earned her the respect and trust of her peers has given Denise wonderful opportunities. She has had the honor of meeting and working with legislators of every level in our County and State to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who live and work here and will continue to do so. As a former Commissioner for the Jersey City Zoning Board of Adjustments, D’Alessandro understands all facets of urban and community planning. Denise proudly served as the 2016 Italian Woman on the Year for the Jersey City Columbus Day Parade, and was honored for her dedication to the Italian Community and the City of Jersey City. Denise is a Trustee of the Jersey City Columbus Day Parade Committee, an association that is dear to her heart. Denise is also a member of the Dante Alighieri Society of Jersey City, an organization that does such wonderful things for the
community. In 2019 D’Alessandro was featured in a Jersey Journal Article about Woman taking more control in Government. Denise D’Alessandro continues to be a groundbreaking leader in both public service and her Italian American community. Denise proudly resides in Hudson County and enjoys giving back to those in need.