Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Facebook Fears – NOT

Our 2017 Gala was last night and a great success.  Many people who follow us on Facebook, look for pictures of the event the next day.  That happens after any event but, what if you are Not on Facebook.

Not on Facebook!  Really?!    You may be missing out on a great resource.  Jobs are being posted nowadays everywhere and Facebook is no different.  It has just started a Job Posting feature.   

Many people do not want to be out in public on Facebook, but you can certainly do it safely and stay anonymous.  Plenty of people do.

Some reasons to be on Facebook:

  • Stay in touch with family & distant friends
  • See pictures of the Grandchildren who live far away
  • Follow the “news feeds” of interesting people or organizations ( like IAPSNJ)
  • Find old friends you have lost touch with, if they are on Facebook.

One of the easiest ways to start using Facebook anonymously, is to Start from scratch:
New bogus email address from hotmail, a Microsoft Product or yahoo mail under a Bogus name that you can disclose only to certain people.  You really never have to use these email addresses, but you would need to log in if you forgot your facebook password, etc.  So write it down somewhere safe,  or put it in your Password Vault

Then open a Facebook Account under that name/email.  Now,  it’s just a matter of NOT posting any pictures of yourself,   Lock Down your account for the Highest privacy.  Facebook can help you understand this.  Check this out,  Then Start Browsing, searching, etc.

Once you do the above,  you can browse. Look up organizations,  such as the Italian American Police Society of NJ (remember , you can’t see this page unless you are a member)

Some articles to help remain anonymous:,news-19196.html