Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Fax vs. Email

Faxing is passe‘ Email is in.  Many of us are involved with our various unions or organizations and from time to time are promoting an event.  While faxing is the recognized staple of disseminating information, email is much faster and easier.

Most of the time a flyer is created on a computer, whether it be a graphic file or some sort of document.  The best quality for any thing created in a computer, is when it remains in the digital realm.  When you print it and then walk over to that clunky fax machine,  your quality has degraded about 20 times over.  When you ask someone to Post this on their website, a number of things can happen.

  • First, The fax may be scanned.
  • Then converted into a graphic or a PDF.
  • Then uploaded onto the website.
  • Then that link sent back to the originator.

This all takes time and the quality of the finished product is,  mediocre at best.   Keep it digital!  Send the original flyer via email.  It is then converted to a PDF (form features added if needed so it can be filled out on-screen) and then Posted.   Now you have a flyer AS GOOD as the original.   Much easier and professional looking.
In short, If it starts in the computer, make sure a copy stays in the digital realm.