Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Gas Saving Tip # 12


Not the big-ass Lincoln.  Be a navigator like there used to be in planes or ships.  (Computers took over).  They were the guys sitting behind the captain,  with the charts and their slide-rules, who figured out how fast to fly or cruise to get there at a certain time.  Lots of math though.  Here’s an easier way for you commuters. This adds to #6 . If you always travel the same road and always miss that next light.  Take Note of how fast you’re driving.  The next time, slow down a bit and maintain the speed to that next Red.  Repeat this every day till you don’t have to stop at the red light, but it turns green just before you get there. This is your target speed.  This is pretty cool, now you just slowly accelerate to your target speed and you’ll never have to stop at this light again.
Also, take note of the cars around you, especially the ones that jack-rabbit and pass you. You’ll probably see them alot along your trip, because they’ll be waiting patiently for you at that next light………just as you roll past him, right on time.

Author Unknown