Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Gas Saving Tip # 7


I know, I know, what will this do?.  Well, . . . . I’ll tell you.  When you’re behind some dope driving just far enough left and just slow enough to prevent you from passing. When you finally get a chance to pass him, you always blast by him, and keep going fast just to not look dopey yourself. Did you gain a big advantage?  Maybe.  But if that driver was courteous and moved over and allowed you to pass,  you would have done so calmly and continue on your way.  Saving your gas, and nerves.  Also, if you’re not the fastest car out there,  stay out of the left lane on the highway.  Nothing worse than either having to speed-up to be able to move into the right lane to let someone pass.  And you know, he’ll be Blasting Off once you move over instead of doing his steady 85.


Author unknown