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Dear Member,

As our organization continues to grow, we find ourselves in the need of assistance by members with various skills and contacts. Many times we are asked by members, “How can I get involved more”  Our answer usually lends to existing events and committees.  If we are to grow as an organization, we need to expand our thinking.  We would like to tap the vast talents and network of contacts of our membership, These contributions could be intellectual, technical or physical.


Each event we hold is unique, in that each has different needs.  Whether it be food or beverage donations, talent or entertainers, or other personal talents discussed below.

Information is the key to any organization and we try to provide it on our web site as best we can, but like any good web site,  it is a “full time job”.

We would like to find some members who are versed in web management to assist our webmaster with gathering and posting pertinent information for our members.

Our Magazine Editor is doing a fantastic job with the Quarterly Magazine.  Gathering content for a magazine usually requires a staff of contributors.  If you are interested in contributing or gathering information or writing for the magazine,  we want you.

We have some ideas for our events, but these ideas cost money.  We would like to have some of these ideas sponsored by businesses, who in turn would be promoting themselves.  We are looking for members who are versed in “sales”, because they would , in fact, be selling a specific  idea or event that the sponsor can finance.   One of these ideas, for example, might be a video biography of each year’s Gala Honorees.  A video could be underwritten by a sponsor who would be displayed in the credits.  This video would be played at the Gala to introduce our honorees and then would be posted on our web site to further benefit the sponsor(s) and promote our Gala.  This is something that could continue year to year provided the sponsors would continue their participation.  Any documentary film or video has multiple sponsors deferring the costs.Therefore selling the idea to multiple sponsors would be essential.

Many police officers have other professions, such as music entertainment, carpentry, electrical, or possibly even videography.  The videographer may want to take on a project such as the video mentioned above.  The member involved in music entertainment may want to promote his business by “playing” at our Pasta Night, Annual Picnic, Gala or other events.

Do you have what it takes to assist your organization into the future,  please follow the link below to submit a form so we can contact you. Our goal is to have a database of assets which we can tap given the need.

Help the IAPSNJ
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