Italian American Police Society of New Jersey


Title: Executive Security Driver
Reports to: AVP, Executive & Event Protection
Summary of Responsibilities:
This position is responsible for providing comfortable, efficient, safe and secure ground transportation for MetLife’s Executive Group members and other distinguished visitors as necessary. The incumbent also may be called upon to perform routine duties such as deliveries and pick-ups of company mail/packages to/from offsite meetings.
Primary Functional Duties:
Transport Executive Group members and other senior officers to locations as dispatched by the Supervisor, Executive Car Services.
Ensure adequate communication, primarily via company issued Blackberry, with principal and the executive’s administrative assistant, including about schedule changes.
Arrive for driving assignments well in advance of scheduled departure time and whenever practical and “advance” the drop-off location to familiarize themselves with conditions that could impact the safety or timely arrival of the executive to the location, e.g., construction, planned demonstration requiring closing of street, etc.
Use appropriate evasive and/or defensive driving tactics as necessary in order to safeguard passengers.
Participate in annual evasive and defensive driving tactics training, including but not limited to completing a “Chauffeuring Skills for Professional Drivers” training course.
Regularly alter daily commuting routes to identify and/or thwart any possible malicious targeting of passengers and participate in periodic briefings with the AVP, Executive & Event Protection on pertinent criminal, terrorist or executive-protection topics.
Ensure consistent communication with principal regarding best/safest pick-up spot at offsite meeting locations, estimated time of pick-up, etc.
Maintain strict confidentiality with respect to conversations taking place among passengers and rigorously adhere to Insider Trading regulations.
Drivers will participate in annual training and re-certification in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs).
Awareness of police jurisdictions while traveling the route to the location in the event police assistance is required.
Maintain all appropriate records and documentation, including but not limited to, driver trip sheet for each shift with information including number of passengers, pick-up and drop-off times, mileages, destinations, etc.
All drivers are responsible for their assigned vehicle. These duties will include:
Daily visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the vehicle for foreign objects, cleanliness, damage, tire condition, lights, fuel tank quantity, etc.
Attentiveness to the expiration dates of stickers on vehicle for New York State inspection, registration, and all written documents including vehicle registration and insurance cards.
Car interior and exterior is washed regularly and all fluid levels are checked when refueling vehicle paying particular attention to oil, transmission and windshield washer fluid levels.
Confirmation that all required equipment is accounted for and in good working order, e.g. spare tire, jack, first aid kit, flares.
Scheduling and completing routine maintenance appointments.
Reporting any unusual occurrences encountered immediately to Supervisor, Executive Car Services and/or AVP, Executive & Event Protection.
Coordinating the replacement of primary vehicle with leased vehicle in the event of a mechanical failure or incident that renders the vehicle inoperable and notify appropriate management personnel.
Previous chauffer experience and military or law enforcement officer (LEO) preferred.
Neat appearance with respect to dress and personal grooming is essential; non-smoker strongly desired.
Ability to consistently act in a professional, respectful and courteous manner while transporting passengers.
Availability to commence work with short notice and flexibility in terms of working hours, e.g. ability to work late and/or on weekends if required.
Must have clean driving record per Insurance Industry Standards and a Class D license.
Must have excellent driving knowledge of the tri-state area and the ability to operate GPS equipment as well as the capability to read and interpret documents such as maps, safety rules, vehicle maintenance instructions, trip instructions, procedure manuals, etc.
High School diploma/GED; Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
Basic MS Office computer skills for report writing and information gathering are essential.