Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

IAPSNJ Tactical Knife

Through a special arrangement with a knife manufacturer, we are now offering  the IAPSNJ Tactical Duty Knife available only to our members.  

It is a compact knife, which can easily be carried on duty.  It has a Seatbelt Cutter, integrated Window breaker end, and an finger operated easy open lever.  Also a sure lock, blade release for safely closing.

It also displays the IAPSNJ Shield.

knife1 knife2

Knives can be purchased here.  If your membership dues are not up to date,  please do not place order.  The transaction will be completed , once membership is verified.  They can also be purchased at our general membership meetings when possible.

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The IAPSNJ reminds any member to adhere to their departmental regulations regarding use or carry of this tool.