Metropolitan Center for Forensic Psychology, Inc.

Daniel F. Schievella, Ph.D.

Clinical Director

Serving New Jersey & New York

1 Ivy Lane Suite 7
Englewood, New Jersey, 07361


What distinguishes Metropolitan Center for Forensic Psychology from other psychological services is its emphasis on rapid communication with departments requesting assessment and intervention.  Too often,  commanding officers feel frustrated by the inaccessibility of their consulting forensic psychologist. Metropolitan Center for Forensic Psychology understands the importance of collaborating with each department to help optimize its decision-making abilities in regards to candidate screenings, assessments of fitness for duty” with impaired officers, promotions, and in-service training.  Confidentiality is naturally upheld when officers are involved in ongoing counseling.

Services Offered

Psychological assessment to evaluate fitness for duty.   Formal psychological tests combined with an extensive clinical interview are used to screen potential candidates for police or public safety positions.

Evaluation and recommendations for potentially “impaired” officers.   Rapid assessment and intervention with individuals identified as being either unable to adequately perform their duties or representing a potential hazard to others.   Some issues may include fitness to continue possessing a weapon or possible substance abuse, situational depression or reduced ‘impulse control” (uncontrolled anger).

Evaluations and recommendations for individuals seeking promotion.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and
crisis intervention in post-traumatic stress situations.

Individual or family counseling for public safety personnel suffering from “burnout”, depression, substance abuse, compulsive gambling or marital discord.

Consultation with law enforcement executive administrators regarding appropriate management and intervention with impaired officers.

In-service training to staff on such topics as:

  • “police interventions” with mentally disturbed individuals
  • “handling of domestic disputes”
  • Assessing suicidal risks in disturbed individuals.
  • Stress management workshops
  • Workshops on alcohol, substance abuse or compulsive gambling
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Psychological Screenings

Appointments may be made by phone 201-944-8113. Examinations will be conducted at the Metropolitan Center for Forensic Psychology office.   If there are a large number of candidates or there are travel constraints examinations may be done in the departments facilities.

A written report for each candidate will be provided within one week of their screening. If the department requires, a verbal report will be given to the responsible officer within 24 hours of the screening.

Fees will be competitive and likely lower than other programs.