Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

.Application or Update – Thank You Page

You should have been brought to this page after a successful application submission,.

Thank you for your Membership Application or Update,

Welcome to the Italian American Police Society.  You may Pay your Membership Dues On-Line securely using PayPal.  Go to  You can pay your membership dues for this year using the regular dues payment selection selection.

If you renew each year, or set up an Auto Pay before we mail out the dues reminder envelopes,  you should not receive a renewal form in the mail, thus one less piece of mail in your mailbox.  Please verify if you receive an envelope, and you have paid online.  It may have crossed in the mail.

We are now accepting Venmo for Dues and many other items.  Send to IAPS-Jersey, in the App

If you have not done so already, please subscribe to our Email List. We periodically send out event info or meeting reminders.   Go to the website and subscribe,  Be sure to fill in as much as possible on the subscription form.

We are on Facebook , Twitter, & Instagram.
If you post a picture from an event,  please use the hashtag #iapsnj

If you find there is an error in the application you submitted, or anything missing, please provide the omissions or changes via email to

Membership meeting info is available at

If you are an officer in your PBA or other LE Organization and would like to post information on the NJ Law Enforcement Calendar, Please contact the moderator at  You can incorporate the NJ Law Enforcement Calendar into your own PBA, FOP or other Law Enforcement Web Site.  Your webmaster can contact us to get the calendar’s code.  This is a great way to publicize any event or fundraiser you will be having.

If you are interested in IAPSNJ Logo items, such as jackets or golf shirts, go to the link on the right side of this page.

We may from time to time ask to confirm your information. You will receive an email with some of your current information for you to confirm or correct. Most important is your mailing address and email address. Both are valuable for us in providing you with membership credentials, printed newsletters, as well as periodic emails. If you have a change of job title or rank, let us know at You can add or delete your email address at You can subscribe with more than one if you like.  We encourage you to NOT use the department email, but only use personal email.

Again, WELCOME. and we look forward to having you join us at our general membership meetings as well as the various events throughout the year
Any questions, Please contact me.

Sebastian D’Amato
Director of Communications
The Italian American Police Society of New Jersey