Minutes of the March 21th meeting Madison:

Meeting called to order by President Schievella.

President Schievella acknowledged the Madison Police department Jerry Mantone for hosting the meeting and various dignitaries in the room, Madison Chief Erinberg, Capt. Vince Scherico, North Star Athletics Club Vice President Joe Pieillo, Council Woman Maryann Holden, & Morris County Sheriff Ed Rochford.

Roll call of officers.

1st Vice President John Lazzara read the new members: Motion made by President Schievella to accept report. Motion passed.

A. Imperiale & Bill Schievella read correspondence.Thank you from Imperiale Family & Deborah Hospital for donation.

Chairman of the awards committee Alan Attanasio : April 21, 2001 Saturday at 6pm at Caldwell College Student Center.Applications are still being accepted. Final meeting will be held on April 13th to determine who the recipients will be. 

President Schievella spoke about the beefsteak awards dinner on April 21st. Casual event however recipients are asked to be in their Class A Uniform.Also on that evening we give out $10,000.00 in scholarships. Any one that might need a scholarship application, please contact 3rd Vice President Jerry Onnembo.

Annual Convention will be held at Kutsher’s Country Club in June.

Night at the Races will be held on June 28th at the Meadowlands – Paddock Park we will also giveaway two (vest) BODY ARMOR again.

NJNEOA will hold their annual training conference in Atlantic City on May 29th to June 1st.

President Schievella spoke about forming a membership committee anyone interested please see him.

Rose spoke about Police Week and the Foxwoods trip.

Lt. Jerry Mantone of Madison gave out Officer of the Month to Madison Lt Anthony DeVinzenso and Special Recognition Officer Pat Mantori who heads the Police Unity Tour to Washington DC. 

President Schievella closed the meeting.