Minutes of the April 11th  meeting

Belleville: Knights of Columbus

Hosted by Belleville Police Department

Meeting called to order by President Schievella.


Roll call of officers.


Financial Vice President Joe Simetti gave financial report.


Motion made by President Schievella to accepts report. Motion passed.


V.P. Joe Simonetti gave out Officer of the Month to Belleville Police Officer Richard Giordano.


1st Vice President John Lazzara read the new members for the month of March: Motion made by President Schievella to accept report. Motion passed.


President Schievella spoke about the awards dinner: April 21, 2001 Saturday at 6pm at Caldwell College Student Center.  Applications are still being accepted for the 10 $1,000 scholarships. Final meeting will be held on April 13th to determine who the recipients will be.


Rose spoke about Police Week May 13th to 15Th and the Foxwoods trip on Monday May 14th.


Annual Convention will be held at Kutsher’s Country Club in June. 


President Schievella advised that they attended the Honor Legion meeting and invited their president to attend our awards dinner.


Night at the Races will be held on June 28th at the Meadowlands – Paddock Park we will also giveaway two (vest) BODY ARMOR again.


President Schievella closed the meeting.