Minutes of the May 9th meeting


Mountainside Inn

Hosted by NJ State Parole:


Meeting called to order by President Schievella.


Roll call of officers.


Director John Comperetto Div of Parole welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Motion by President Schievella to wave the reading of the minutes. Motion passed.


Financial Vice President Joe Simonetti gave financial report. 


Motion made by President Schievella to accepts report. Motion passed.


1st Vice President John Lazzara read the new members for the month of April: Motion made by President Schievella to accept report. Motion passed.


President Schievella spoke about the awards dinner that occurred on April 21, 2001 at Caldwell College Student Center. There were over 400 people in attendance as well as New Jersey Acting Governor Donald DeFranceso and Democratic Governor Nominee Woodbridge Mayor Jim McGreevey was there and they both gave a speech. There were 48 honorees that received awards and we gave out 10 $1,000.00 school scholarships.


Night at the Races will be held on June 28th at the Meadowlands – Paddock Park. We will also giveaway two (vest) BODY ARMOR again. All proceeds will go to Deborah Hospital.


IAPS will have a booth at the Police Expo being held at Atlantic City this year.


President Schivella acknowledged all of the work that Sebbie D’Amato does with the website.


Spoke about the Foxwoods trip on Monday May 14, 2001.


President Schievella acknowledged the President of the NJ State Honor Legion from the FBI Stan Reagan.


President Schievella gave out Officer of the Month to Div. of Parole Steve Paparoze, and Cezar Ziperara.


President Schievella closed the meeting.