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If you are soon retiring, or have already pulled the plug, Congratulations!
They say you don’t miss the job, just the people. But it is probably a little of both.

Remember, your membership dues are free for the year that you retire. Then free again upon reaching your 75th birthday.

Attached below you will find the info that you have submitted, so please confirm accuracy.

You will be receiving your member cards and more info via US Mail. Remember that you will find information as to events and meetings on the website.


Gold Card Order Form-

This order form is for Regular & Associate Member Cards.  Check the appropriate card choice below and continue with the form.

The processing of your Gold Card order will not be completed until you provide the name information for each card. Including how your name should appear, “Officer”, “PO”, etc.  IAPSNJ is not responsible for typos,  Please be sure your name information is how you wish it to appear on the cards.

Regular Member, 1 Logo or 2 Logos. or Associate Cards. All info will be verified before the order is completed.
This is how you want your name to appear on the card.
Member number is needed for verification of membership for Regular Members
In case we have a question or issue
In case you don't reply to email
Provide the bearer names for the cards as well as yours.
Once membership and payment is verified, your order will be processed. Order your cards by using the appropriate "Add to Cart" button. If there are any questions, submit them here.
Otherwise, list Member Name (how it will appear on card), and Bearer(s) name(s).
We Copy & paste your names into our order form, so please proofread before submission. (NOTE: We are Not Responsible for miss-spelling or improper capitalization of names.
Be Clear as to how your name should appear, "Officer", "PO", etc.
If you have chosen the card depicting your department's patch, upload it here so our printer is sure he uses the correct one. If it is on the web, put that link in the message above.
Please Only Press the SUBMIT Button Once. Be patient



IAPSNJ Membership Application - New
If you are interested in becoming a Regular or Associate Member of the Italian American Police Society of New Jersey,  please fill out the application below and press “Submit Application”.    After you’ve done so,  you can remit your membership dues here. Dues are $30 per year for regular LEO membership or $50 for Associate Membership ($30 for a family member of a regular member.) Associate Membership includes all other than Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, such as  police dispatchers, attorneys, business owners, etc.  Go to to submit your dues payment.
Regular Members are Sworn Law Enforcement Officers.
Associate Members are Everyone else. (Dispatchers, EMT, Business people, students, etc.)
If you have changed Address, Rank, Department or anything else. That is the info you should put in the appropriate fields below.
This is to determine Dues Amount. If family member is a LEO, See Above
For Info Updater.
Please do not abbreviate department name. Use Full Name.
For Associate Members
Business Name or Department name if dispatcher, etc.
Mother's side, father's side, great-grandparents, etc. Any ethnicity or Italian ancestry is welcome in our organization.
This is used only for confirmation of application submission. You will not be on the email list unless you subscribe at
Any Additional information, Interests, or skills that you feel may contribute to the Italian American Police Society of New Jersey. We always need members to get involved with things like our social media, web site, fundraising, magazine and events.
Please press SUBMIT only once
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