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Password Safety

Every website you go to nowadays needs you to set up a Username & Password.  This is OK, but we all get complacent in our password use.  We tend to make it as simple as possible, like birthdays, etc..  We also tend to use the same passwords across all of your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and even your email.  Not to mention, on-line shopping at sites like Amazon.  Now when we get hacked, we need to change everything, very quickly.  If a hacker guesses your FB account password, they now try to get into your Twitter or email account.  If you use the same password in many places,  you may be screwed.  There are many more implications in a bad guy getting your email password.  Too many for this article.

One of the easiest things to do is make all your passwords different and obscure.  letters, numbers, upper & lower case combinations, special characters, etc.  This is hard to keep track of.

That’s where Password Vaults come into play.  It’s a Secure place to keep all your usernames and passwords.  They even generate very good passwords that usually will satisfy all the password criteria of most web sites.

These “vaults” use one password to access all your usernames & passwords.  This password should be a Long One that is easy for you to re-create.  Like possibly First Car, first phone number, favorite food.  MonteCarlo7185551234steak.  Sounds a little goofy, but you will remember it.  These Vaults also have Phone Apps and cost as little as a buck a month.  Sometimes the Website Only vaults are free.  There is an huge advantage to using the phone app vs. just the web.  Once you pay,  it is now backed up securely.  These vaults can also be used to keep track of other things you may need that may not be web based, like PIN numbers for calling into your bank, etc.

The 2 top password vault/managers are LastPass and KeeperSecurity. &

I have tried both and prefer Keeper Security.  I pay $9.00 per year for One Device (Smart Phone ) and full data backup protection

To signup for Keeper Security,  use this link.  You can start for free.