Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

.Thank you for using PayPal for Event Tickets, Dues or other purchases

You are brought to this page after a successful PayPal Transaction.


If your PayPal Account is in a Business Name., you MUST let us know so we can credit your dues correctly.  If you do not,  it will take much longer for you to receive your Member Credentials.

If this is a Dues Payment,  please make sure we have your current information in our records by going to our Information Update page.  If you have had a change of status, rank, address, etc. recently,  please let us know.

If this is an Event Ticket Purchase,  be sure to print your email receipt of payment from PayPal.   It will serve as your ticket for admission.
We are soon moving to an e-Ticket which also can be printed and brought to the event.

If this is a Gold Card Purchase,  be sure to let us know the Bearer Names and how your name should appear.  email to, or use the form on the gold card page.  Note, info is copied and pasted into the order form for the cards, We are not responsible for misspellings.

Be sure that you are subscribed to our email list.  Sign up here.  If you have changed your email address, please let us know that as well, by going to and adding your new one.

Thank You Again.

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