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No…..That’s not a typo.  Phishing is when a “bad guy” sends an email claiming to be your bank,  or Amazon, your Cell company, or your uncle Joe.   It may say something like ” hey here is that info you wanted”,  or “look at this video”, etc.  These emails look surprisingly authentic.  The business ones may ask you to update your credit card number, or phone number, etc.  If you click on these links,  you may be sent to a bogus website that looks real,  but it is really bogus.  It will probably collect your personal info and then leave you vulnerable to identity theft.

What to do:
Never click on a link in an email.  If it’s from your bank or Amazon, etc. ,  open your browser and go to that web site directly.

If you click on one of these bogus links,  it may even launch a malicious program in the background and you would never know.  But if you are a Standard user,  this would prevent the launch of the program without entering the Admin password.