Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

President’s Message Fall 2014

BillAs you read this magazine Labor Day has passed and the Columbus Day holiday is upon us. Although Columbus Day commemorates the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus the holiday is now a celebration of the accomplishments of Italian Americans in our nation as well as  Italian culture in our state. Although these parades and events are fun to attend as brothers and sisters in law enforcement, there is a significance to our cultural history as Italian-Americans that we should take time to remember. I urge all members along with their families and colleagues to come and participate in one of the Columbus Day Parades in New Jersey as well as the New York City Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue.

Lately it has become to common for law enforcement to have become the target of attacks by the media and government officials. This has a debilitating effect upon the morale of us all. This makes it more important than ever for law enforcement officers to work closely together. Over the past years there has been a change in the brotherhood and sisterhood in our profession. We need to return to the basics and remember that the people in the communities that we serve depend on us for law, order and protection. We must be proud, more than ever, to wear the shield of a law-enforcement officer. In my 28 years in law enforcement I have been proud to wear the badges of many titles from Correction Officer to Chief of Detectives.  In each of these positions I always remembered the importance of teamwork and professional courtesy. Let us be mindful also of the contributions and sacrifices made by those in this profession before us. Let’s take time to recognize retired officers that still have a great contribution to add to our profession.

Our society has added two new events this coming fall for members. I invite members and their families to participate together in a police family mass and communion breakfast on Sunday, October 5th. The Society will also hold a Petrosino movie and pizza night for members on November 13th to watch the movie “Pay or Die”. Seating for the movie night is limited. Complimentary tickets can be obtained from the event chairmen . Both of these event a are free of charge and are a good way to meet fellow members and families while sharing our pride in law enforcement as well as our heritage.

I am proud to lead the largest fraternal organization of police officers in New Jersey. The Italian American Police Society of New Jersey has become a role model for other ethnic law enforcement organizations. Myself along with the men and women of our executive board are honored to work with the various fraternal police organizations in our state and the PBA, FOP and POBA to lead our profession in the coming years.

Fraternally yours,
William Schievella, President