Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

President’s Message – Winter 2003

It is with great pleasure that I announce the following  appointments to the Italian American Police Society of New Jersey’s Executive Board as Trustees.

  • Chief John Comparetto, Passaic County Sheriffs Department  John currently serves as Chief of the Passaic County Sheriffs Dept. and is a retired Lieutenant from the NYPD where he served as the Executive Officer of the NYPD INYSPI DEA Task Force.   John is a highly decorated police officer and has served as the Director of the NJ State Division of Parole and the President of International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association.
  • Captain Ronald Squillace of the NYSWR Police Department Mr Squillace serves on the command staff of the NYSWR Railroad Police Department and has previously served on the command staff of the Bergen County Sher i f fs Department where he directed the Sheriffs Motorcycle squad. Mr. Squillace is a successful busi­nessman in the healthcare field and owns several healthcare centers in Bergen & Passaic counties.
  • Chief John Sisto (ret.), Rockaway Township Police Department Chief Sisto is a successful police promotional educator who currently is with Key Testing. John is one of NJ’s most respected police educators and is the Past President of the NJ State Fraternal Order of Police.

I am proud to have these three police officers in our organi­ zation and look forward to working closely with them.

William Schievella