Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

President’s Message Winter 2014

As you read this magazine the holidays are behind us and the New Year has begun. This past year has been a difficult one for all of us in law en-forcement. As the public’s perception of law enforcement reaches a low point in some communities, we all continue to serve with honor and dignity.  We do a dangerous and very difficult job that often puts us in harm’s way.  The job of a law enforcement officer takes us away from friends and families on holidays and important celebrations.  Our profession calls for us to work on nights and weekends in the heat, rain and snow.  We serve our communities to the best of our ability with the intent to protect its citizens and make them safe. In my generation, children were taught to look up to police as role models. I can still remember my kindergarten class visiting the Fort Lee Police Department, where I grew up, to meet the police officers in our community.  I can remember how excited we were to meet these officers and see what they did.  There’s no question that we, as police officers, risk our lives to ensure that children can safely attend school and play in their homes.  Effectively communicating with the varied populations in our communities is often difficult, but nonetheless extremely important.  Despite tremendous stressors we in our chosen profession, continue to strive to maintain high standards of conduct.  We are aware of our responsibility to continue to improve relations within those communities we so proudly serve.  Be proud of what we do!   There is no more noble profession than law enforcement. Never be embar-rassed for who we are and what we do when we serve with honor. Our profession is not a job but a commit-ment to service. When we are chal-lenged, use those challenges as an opportunity to press forward and do better. Make sure that we always return home safe to our loved ones at the end of our tour of duty. This past holiday the Italian American Police Society of New Jersey helped to brighten the lives of hundreds of children many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This holiday was an excellent opportunity to bring police and the community closer as we helped brighten the holiday for those kids. I am proud of our organization and what we do.  I look forward to doing even better in 2015.Image1


Be safe always!

Fraternally yours,
William Schievella, President