Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

Congratulations – Royce

Millburn Police Officer Saves  Woman
From Burning Car            


  This past January Millburn Police Officer and IAPSNJ member Donald Royce responded to the wooded area off of Gilbert Place in Millburn on a report of a fire via a routine dispatch. Upon his arrival Officer Royce realized that a 2004 Jaguar XT3 had   become disabled in the wooded area and had its engine compartment was engulfed in flames while the passenger compartment was filling with smoke.  Officer Royce responding quickly removed a 70-year old female driver from the burning vehicle and dragged her to safety.

The driver was transported to the hospital for evaluation by the Millburn First Aid Squad. The Millburn Fire Department extinguished the fire. 

Officer Royce had been a volunteer EMT and firefighter for more than eight years. He also worked as a Morris County dispatcher, Corrections Officer and Sheriff’s officer before   joining the Millburn Police Department. He lives in Lincoln Park, NJ.

Congratulations Donald!  Great job!