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Security Manager




The Durst Organization is seeking a Security Manager.

The Security Manager will collaborate with the Director of Security to ensure the safety of employees, tenants and visitors throughout the organization. He/she will identify security initiatives and work to constantly update security guidelines and procedures. Further, the Security Manager will assist in the management of company response to natural and manmade disasters.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the position include:

–       Assist the Director of Security in setting goals and planning for the future

–       Work to communicate physical and technical security strategies to company employees

–        Collaborate with senior management to maintain best practices with respect to security policies and procedures

–        Liaise with government agencies and area law enforcement bodies to ensure the safety of Durst properties, employees, clients and visitors

–       Provide leadership and training to junior security personnel

The successful candidate will present with the following professional experience and qualifications:

The successful candidate will have the ability to articulate area security issues, documenting both short-term plans and long-term strategy. He/she will have a demonstrated understanding of physical security strategies, policies, principles, procedures, and standards. Further, the successful candidate will have the ability to think critically through the intricacies of complex situations. Finally, he/she will demonstrate technical knowledge and experience in defining access control policies and governance, asset protection best practices and as well as in supply chain security, business continuity and disaster recovery planning.


The Successful candidate will present with a bachelor’s degree in Security, Criminal Justice, or a related field and/or 15 years of relevant work experience in law enforcement and/or security operations. With at least five years of experience in a managerial capacity.



A competitive compensation package commensurate with the role, responsibilities and candidate experience will be offered to the successful candidate.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to forward their resumes to the Durst Organization Human Resources Department:


The Durst Organization
Human Resources Department
One Bryant Park
48th Floor
New York, New York 10036