Italian American Police Society of New Jersey

The Danger to you from Social Engineering

Hello members,

Many of us are on Facebook and many of us like to answer those surveys or questions that others in a group ask, like what was your 3rd grade teacher, or your favorite bakery in the old neighborhood.  But be weary of Social Engineering.  Briefly, Social Engineering is when people ask questions in an effort to illicit info that may help bad guys from “Hacking” you.

Now, you know those “secret questions” that you put into a website or banking, when signing in?  Like the famous “Mother’s Maiden Name”?  Well,  that’s the second part of the problem.  If someone knows your Mother’s Maiden Name, that would be one more piece of the puzzle if they want to get into your accounts.  Use bogus info in these fields.  Like doing this:

First Dog…….green
Mother’s Maiden Name………jigsaw
Grammar School………Arnold’s Diner

etc.,  etc.,  etc.  

These would be the answers you would use when answering the security questions at the bank’s web site, etc.  You are asking yourself “Well how do I keep track of this stuff?”   Easy.  Password Vaults.  This is explained in another post.

Just remember.  These surveys may be fun,  but If you are using those answers at your bank’s web site,  you are vulnerable.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year