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Taking on a new job can be an overwhelming feet for anyone, but perhaps a bit more when you are the new Italian Ambassador to the U.S. Armando Varrichio recently took on this position and moved to the U.S. only two months ago with his passion for expanding Italian culture leading the way.

The Veneto born diplomat began his career with the U.S. in 2002 as the head of the Economic Bureau for the Italian Embassy in Washington, where he found himself immersed in the ever-changing diversities of the U.S. After returning 10 years later Varrichio finds the changes around him in the U.S. to be those stimulated by Italian culture.

Ambassador Varrichio’s passion for Italy is the influence behind his over 30-year diplomatic career. A strong belief that the Italian culture’s influence on other cities, such as New York, is essential to the advancement of Italy itself is what keeps both the history and future of Italy alive. Italian culture is evident throughout the U.S. and is the influence and identity behind some of the oldest communities. Perhaps the communities with the most Italian influence though lie within New York. The diversity and wonder of these cities, Ambassador Varrachio believes, lies with the promotion of the Italian language and culture within and outside of its communities.

Alongside the advancement of Italian culture, Ambassador Varrachio’s focus also lies inside the beauty of the divergent relationship between the U.S. and Italy. The relationship between the two countries is one that goes beyond simple explanation or definition with an endless supply of appreciation for both cultures. In order to maintain and supplement this relationship, the promotion of the Italian language is vital. The Italian Ambassador hopes to provide more opportunities for those seeking to learn Italian language, and to prove that Italy’s influence goes beyond the country’s extraordinary past.

The role of the Embassy in helping bring to light the advancements in Italian culture and its opportunities can be seen in their expanding efforts to bring awareness. Whether it is Italian language, Italian American artists or events highlighting the influence of Italian researchers in the creation of the internet, the furtherance of Italian culture is necessary in today’s digital era. It is the digital era in fact that Varrachio believes helps him connect with an abundance of communities to promote the Italian cultural perspective.

While the digital era influences the present it is important to note those who first arrived in the U.S. from Italy helped to create a new kind of culture and society for all those around them.

While discussing these influential beginners Ambassador Varrachio said,

“But that first presence, characterized by being the carriers of a one way ticket, was followed by a new presence of new Italians – or rather, I would call them Italians of a new Italy.”

This idea of a new Italy being created allows for Italian culture to be present and ever changing for both the U.S. and Italy. The advancement of Italian culture is imperative for both countries.

Through the efforts of the Embassy, the Consulate, the offices of the ICE, the Institutes of Culture, and many more, Ambassador Varrachio turns his new opportunity into one that connects communities to Italian culture on an even deeper level.