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Windows XP – “End of Life” 4-8-2014

Microsoft will be discontinuing support for Windows XP on April 8th.

What does this mean for you?  After that date, if you use that Windows XP computer to go on the internet,  you are at risk!   Microsoft will no longer be providing security patches for Windows XP, which will push you to do one of a few different things.

First,  get a new computer(s).  For some this is not a viable option..

Second,  Upgrade your Windows XP to Windows 7.  This is a good solution for machines that are a few years old.  Most will be able to load Windows 7.  Windows 7 has a look and feel very similar to Windows XP.

Third,  there is also the opportunity of going to Windows 8 on a new touch screen laptop or tablet.

 If you choose to take a chance,  make sure you have Microsoft Essentials anti-virus installed.  MS will continue to update that,  but it is only part of the issue.

Below are a few links to some articles and videos describing your options in more detail.

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